Sofasonic 2020


Join Conjurer’s Kitchen and turn your classic tea-party cake into an edible bloodbath with this easy make-along session…

With the help of artist Annabel de Vetten, you can learn how to take a basic cake (shop-bought or handmade!) and turn it into a tasty bloodbath via some ritualistic carnage – and in just a few simple, delicious steps!

Decadent oddities in the form of cakes, sweet-treats and tasty morsels are the signature creations of Annabel de Vetten aka Conjurer’s Kitchen.

An established artist with a background in sculpture, taxidermy, and fine art; Annabel finds inspiration in all kinds of curious places, from her love of true crime through to 1960s wallpaper. Animals, anatomy and the natural world regularly feature in her creations, where she pushes the boundaries of the heart’s darkest desires and re-imagines them as edible treats!




  • One cake – decorated/plain, light coloured. Must be covered – Buttercream or fondant, doesn’t matter. (Cake can be either store bought or handmade, decorating skills won’t be judged!)
  • Cocoa powder
  • Honey or Golden Syrup or Liquid Glucose or Corn Syrup.
  • Red Food Colour (LOTS!) Concentrated if possible (should be available at Sainsbury’s)
  • Black Food Colour (you only need a small amount, but it’s good if you’re fussy about the exact colour of your blood)



  • a bowl
  • whisk or fork
  • spatula or spoon
  • knife (just a dinner knife)
  • cocktail sticks or skewers
  • medium plastic sandwich bag
  • towel
  • gloves optional
  • one Ritualistic dagger
  • hooded figure
  • your favourite heavy tunes