Cave In + Deadsunrising

Sat 12th January 2002
Jug Of Ale

Cave In (Usa)

Since their incarnation in April 1995, Cave-In hasset their course for progress. What originally started as four high school boys exploring their love of metal has come around to being four guys who are considered to be independent music’s most solid bet for a brighter, heavier future. A bastion of imagination and musicality, Cave-In crafts compositions that are epic inscope and sound. Cave -Inbegan work on their breakthrough rcording, ‘Until your heart stops’, in 1998 at God City recording studios with Kurt Ballou (converge) at the helm. The result was a fierce and blistering set of unorthadox heavy metal that garnered the band international notoriety and tours with heavyweights Isis and Neurosis.

It was during this time that Cave- In’s rehearsals took a marked turn for the different. The metal gave way to epic space, and prog-rock penchant to detail, but the approach stayed true to their roots and was no less aggressive.

While everyone in the band is only a meagre 21, the result of 5 years intensive evolution often sounds like a lifetime of training.