This is an archive item from Supersonic 2018

“An oscillating sticky grenade of bass lines, half-screamed vocals, tin can drums and a confident bent.” – Nine Hertz

One drums, another one drums, bass, vocals, tootle pipe and sound rod, the Leeds quintet Cattle occupies that rare space where an utter lack of pretence and theatrical noise-rock volatility intersect. Live, the band launch into an intense set of ecstatic noise, saxophone skronk, and highly percussive, sludgy grooves.

Equal parts head and guts, Cattle are an all screaming, all dancing noise-groove wall of sound, with stomach churning riffs and double drumming that will take you through hell with a hip-shake. Formed in 2012, Cattle have shared a stage with the likes of True Widow, dälek, Terminal Cheesecake, Zeus and Bong to name but a few. The band are all about making a racket, with influences from Fela Kuti, Big Business, Corrupted to Black Sabbath all being accounted for.