Capsule present as part of Integra Festival

Thu 5th June 2008
Space 2 . Custard Factory

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Integra 2008
International Festival & Conference
Fusing music and technology

Capsule present in collaboration with Integra:
The Bays with John Metcalfe and live ensemble.
The Bays incorporate a classical ensemble into their improvised electronic performance, using a unique system of real-time music scoring devised by The Bays and projected for the audience to see as well as hear.

The Bays do not believe in rules. The Bays do not make records. They do not rehearse or prepare their entirely improvised live performances. The style of their music ranges from ambient electronica to thundering Drum and Bass, touching all points in between. The four-piece group have taken this project all across the world, performing on massive international stages, in crowded and cramped club rooms, at outdoor festivals, in theatres and even boats. Each performance is new, each idea unprecedented, each appearance a particular adjustment to fit the demands of venue and crowd.

Now, in keeping with this philosophy of uncompromising evolution, for the Integra festival in Birmingham, The Bays have devised a unique system combining computer software and old-fashioned human communication to incorporate an orchestral ensemble. With a classical ensemble, and a team of guest composers led by John Metcalfe, The Bays will combine live electronica and classical ensemble playing in an entirely improvised performance.

Forget what you think “live music” actually means. This music will be created on the spot, in front of the audience, never to be played, heard or experienced the same way again

BIT20 Ensemble
Live electronics: Chris McClelland, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast
A musician-led ensemble from Bergen Norway will premier a new mixed-media work by Michele Tadini, commissioned specially for the festival, plus works by Schaathun and Hellstenius.
festival runs from the 5th June – 7th June 2008
Integra, a 3-year project led by the Birmingham Conservatoire in the UK and part financed by Culture 2000. To develop a new software environment to make music with live electronics, modernising works that use old technology.
We are delighted that the closing Integra 2008 Festival & Conference will be held in Birmingham. Building on the work of the project, the Festival will bring to Birmingham the five participating ensembles for an unprecedented 3-day perspective on European live electronic music, with a special focus on mixed-media performances. The Conference aims to spark a discussion around technology and music bringing together artistic promoters and decision makers, researchers, composers and performers. It is a rare occasion to debate across different domains the challenges and opportunities new technologies bring to music, and how to solve the existing tensions between musicians and technology.