Capsule + House of God

Fri 19th November 2004
The Custard Factory

 room 1 ::
 sir real
 harvey lane
 paul damage
 rooom 2::
 dj/rupture (tigerbeat6)
 ove-naxx (japan)
 dj x

Since 1993 HOG has paved the way for the UK underground club scene, creating its own sound and image, achieved by using local DJs as residents (a premise that HOG still stands by today), and playing the widest variety of hard edged music possible. HOG has consistently showcased techno artists, especially British DJs way before other clubs polluting the minds of Midlands youth with noise and sickness.

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An envious musical run has seen RUPTURE taken in by raggamuffins, punk technoids, indy hipsters, junglists, peers, and austere critics alike. To many he is the new face of urban music…the potent sound of genre bending and overcrowded city life, a post-cultural broken mirror that mashes hiphop, techno, reggae, afro-cuban, spoken word, bohemian rhapsodies, folk music, the chanteuse, breakbeats, avant-garde noise, and jazz through the strainer of a DJ’s mentality.



OVE-NAXX is pioneering a delirious take on raggamuffin drum & bass and post-modern Nipponese pop. Catchy synth melodies buzz inside fast-moving thickets of percussion. Reggae and video-game music are an obvious influence, as are Japanese harmonic systems. The overall sound can be compared to artists such as Venetian Snares, DJ /Rupture, or Squarepusher, but Ove-Naxx’s superb production has a voice all its own. Meticulous sampling, nonstandard IDM flourishes, and psychedelic digital noise swell around uptempo reggae-flavored beats as funky as they are fractured. Ove-Naxx makes intricate pop songs and is unafraid to use distortion, speed, and mayhem as compositional tools.