BORIS + GROWING + Transitional

Tue 22nd April 2008
Factory Club

Swordfish - Bham City Centre
 Polar Bear - Kings Heath

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Boris is a Japanese rock band formed in 1992. As of 2007, personnel are drummer Atsuo, bassist/guitarist/vocalist Takeshi, and guitarist Wata.

While most commonly associated with the doom metal and drone metal scenes, Boris are also renowned for their ability to regularly incorporate elements of many musical genres while maintaining an identifiable sound and quality. Boris have explored psychedelic rock, noise, ambient, sludge rock, post-rock, stoner-rock and hardcore punk, along with more conventional, mainstream rock styles.

Named after a song on the The Melvins’ Bullhead, Boris formed in 1992 and released their first album Absolutego on their own Fangs Anal Satan label. Since then, they have released 17 studio albums (including Absolutego), and many EPs, 7″ singles, and full-length collaborative recordings, on various record labels across the world.

This show will be in collaboration with Michio Kurihara (Ghost, White Heaven).

“A kaleidosope of prismatic tones and juddering electronics forming a series of mesmeric constellations.” – Mojo

Transitional is the new project of musician producer Kevin Laska ( Novatron ) and long time Justin K Broadrick and Kevin Martin collaborator Dave Cochrane. The debut ‘Nothing real Nothing Absent’ offers a rich variety in their approach to sound combining crushing atmospheres through a mixture of electronic ambience, mangling bass lines and distorted epic layers of textured guitar. Injected with driving rhythms and effected vocal phrasing Laska and Cochrane build discordant worlds on an immense scale before pulling you down to another level of fear and ethereal bliss before kicking off with some more soul dismantling sonic disfunction. This is a band which can deliver both sonic tranquility and extremely heavy slabs of dense music and just about everything in between.