Supersonic 2024


One of singer/songwriter Will Oldham’s many aliases, Bonnie “Prince” Billy is his most prolific, with Oldham releasing nearly all his material under the moniker since 1999’s breakthrough album ‘I See a Darkness’. As long-term fans of Will Oldhams profound output, it’s an absolute dream come true to have him perform for the Supersonic audience. 


Whether known as Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Palace, Palace Brothers, or Palace Songs, Oldham always uses vintage folk and country influences as a framework for his songs about the joys and failings of human nature. The literacy and emotional power of Oldham’s songs are a constant in his work, he’s been at the forefront of DIY indie, folk and alt-country since the early 90s. 


“No two performances of any song are the same, and no two Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy sets are the same either. You don’t go for the hits (although favourites are received rapturously) but with gratitude for whatever slew of covers and unexpected mid-album cuts with which he decides to delight you. It feels personal, intimate and direct.” – The Line of The Best Fit