Black Sabbath Karaoke

This is an archive item from Supersonic 2018

Come all ye Children of the Grave, grab a hymn sheet and gather at the altar of Sabbath for this years’ Supernormal super sinful expanded karaoke ritual. Join the congregation for a black mass inspired liturgy gone-wrong.

Supernormal – the annual Oxfordshire festival enclave where the most otherworldly wonders of the underground converge – has been reaping minds and destroying larynxes with karaoke sessions each year honouring the likes of Prince, Kate Bush and The Fall alike.Taking a year out in 2018, Supernormal will be seizing this occasion to return to Birmingham, the Home of Metal, bringing with them another incarnation of the Sabbathian version in a home-coming celebration of all things Iommi-Butler-Osbourne-Ward. So come join us to summon your spirits, inner beast and to sing your heart and lungs out to your fave Sabs anthem.