Billy Mahonie + Geiger Counter + Buick 6

Wed 23rd May 2001
Factory Club

billy  mahonie
geiger counter
buick 6

Billy Mahonie are an instrumental rock band who have been playing music for the last three years. Their album The Big Dig was released on Too Pure in 1999. Recently they have ditched some of the laid back facets to their music and drifted further into the realms of heavy rock, jazz, and folk, bringing forth a heavier, sharper and more focused sound which will surely foil the pigeon holers and rock intelligensia. They will be playing material from their new album What Becomes Before which is due fro release on Southern Records on August 28th 2001.

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s this Prog Rock or Math Rock taken to the extreme? No over indulgent vocals, no over the top stage antics. Just good hard music, that grabs you by the throat and spits you out onto the floor. These guys seriously rock big time! Jon and Crawford you may recognise from bass wranglers Rothko, but Jon swaps instruments from bass, to more at home guitar. Last release Ekranoplan is a gem. See them live and prepare to be pinned against the wall! Like all your favourite rock bands without the singers.

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