This is an archive item from Supersonic 2023

Kaito Winse, a young griot and deft multi-instrumentalist from Burkina Faso, West Africa and now based in Brussels, has teamed up with two musicians from the European underground scene, Benjamin Chaval (drums, electronics) and Nico Gitto (guitar) to create an unruly and unforgettable sonic explosion. 


Using tama, peul flutes, mouth bow, Kaito the griot has crafted a soundworld around lyrics of ancestral proverbs and pillars of wisdom from Burkina Faso. Through his on-stage magnetism he can both murmur and harangue, while his intense flute solos come straight from a free jazz he never knew. Intertwined with Nico’s postmodern guitar grooves and Benjamin’s low-fi drums and electronic contributions, this music is both traditional and experimental in nature, packed with a raw, ferocious energy. The world may be getting smaller all the time, but as illustrated by Avalanche Kaito, the sonic possibilities that come along with that are only growing.  


“They are as their name suggests, an act who strike unexpectedly. And they are sensational.”
Louder Than War