This is an archive item from Supersonic 2023

Ashenspire is an experimental group hailing from Scotland who formed in 2013 as a means of exploring the contradictions inherent in a contemporary capitalist world. 


They present challenging and abrasive musical textures of violin and saxophone in a progressive, post-black metal framework. In the context of fascism’s return to mainstream politics, their songwriting outlines the inconceivably vast wealth gap between capitalists and the working class, and society’s growing alienation of one another. Ashenspire do not shy away from their direct message of anti-capitalism and embracing of socialist and anarchist principles, and the after-effect makes for a demanding listen. Taking influence from the harsh, angular textures of Avant-garde jazz with it’s metallic dissonance, they channel the intensity and energy of hardcore in an overwhelming, deeply emotional burst of political rage. 


 “A leftist rallying cry aimed at the gut and the heart, performed so viscerally it practically demands action… Hostile Architecture is as close as art gets to praxis.”
Brad Sanders, Bandcamp (Best Metal albums of 2022)