This is an archive item from Supersonic 2023

In the true spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, Atlanta’s Algiers douse their fast-paced, distorted anthems in a sound-concoction of raw-blues, gospel and industrial. Frontman Franklin James Fisher and Ryan Mahan will be performing an intense duo set at this year’s festival. 

With their fiery energy and signature political lyrics, this is the most mind-expanding and thrilling music that you are likely to hear anytime soon. Community and collaboration has always been integral to Algiers’ ethos, and if their latest album SHOOK is anything to go by (guest artists include Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against The Machine), Billy Woods, Backxwash, Nadah El Shazly and more) we know just about anything could happen on the Supersonic stage… 

“anti-fascist fury locked into a dystopian groove… The rising Atlantan band blend harsh electronics with gospel vocals to create rousing hymns for society’s underdogs”
The Guardian