95 mm2 exhibition 02

Sun 25th August 2002
Factory Club

95mm2 An exhibition of beer mat designs featuring:
Chris Drury – fingathing (uk)
Johnny Fu (uk)
Marok – lodown (germany)
Capsule Girls Lisa Meyer (uk)
Momoko (japan)
Mr scruff (uk)
Capsule Girls Jenny Moore (uk)

95mm2 Capsule presents 95mm2 a collection of 7specially commissioned beer mat designs, to be exhibited within the medicine bar Birmingham UK. The designs presented are influenced, and respond to, the everyday activity and traffic of the bar. The artists have all been selected with their individual relevance in mind, each are a reflection of the alternating activities and audiences that pass by and take place within the medicine bar. Simple designs from each artist have been reproduced as beer mats, a limited run of 5000 per design will be “exhibited” within the bar for at least one month. The Medicine Bar as an exhibition venue obviously provides physical restraints on the type of work that can be displayed. 95mm2 offers a creative response to exhibiting artworks in a non-gallery environment and to an audience that are not specifically arts related.

Sponsors: Carling/ Medicine Bar/ Different Drummer/ Lodown/ West Midlands Arts/ fingathing