The Body & Dis Fig premiere – The haunting new video for Orchards of a Futile single “Holy Lance”

Supersonic are truly honoured to be premiering the new video for “Holy Lance”, the single from ‘Orchards of a Futile by The Body & Dis Fig – Scroll down to watch!


Filmed and edited by Garret Preston, the video’s glitching textures, nocturnal found footage and oblique narrative tread a careful balance between alluring and unsettling, an apt reflection of the track’s intoxicating atmospheres.


If you’d like the chance to see The Body & Dis Fig in their element – look no further. They will be joining us for Supersonic Festival 2024, performing on Saturday 31st August. Don’t miss your opportunity to see them this tour, GET TICKETS .


The Body & Dis Fig are a natural pair. Each has pioneered instantly recognizable worlds of sound all their own that defy any traditional categorizations or boundaries. The Body, Lee Buford and Chip King, continually challenge any conventional conception of metal, collaborating with myriad artists and from the folk-leanings of their work with BIG|BRAVE to their ground-breaking work with the Assembly of Light Choir to the intensity of their collaborations with Thou.

Dis Fig, aka Felicia Chen, pushes electronic music into dark extremes, from warped DJ sets to avant production, from being a member of Tianzhuo Chen’s performance-art series TRANCE to being the vocalist with The Bug. The Body and Dis Fig find kinship in reimagining what it means to make “heavy music”. Their debut Orchards of a Futile Heaven is the perfect synthesis of two forces, as bracing as it is touching, and as harrowing as it is awe-inspiring.


“Whether it’s a sludge-metal lope or a near-techno pulse, this truly awesome album’s sense of rhythm is perhaps its note of hope, suggesting a centre that just might hold even as things fall apart.”  The Guardian

“Lots of feedback and heaviness, but with a vibe like you’re trapped in a modem that’s connecting.” – Metal Injection

“Like Nine Inch Nails with Bjork on vocals, but ten times more extreme.”  The Wire


Order The Body & Dis Fig’s Orchards of a Futile Heaven

Listen to The Body & Dis Fig’s Orchards of a Futile Heaven




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