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Following our sell-out 2023 twentieth anniversary edition, and the first wave of announcements for this year, Supersonic Festival reveals the next wave of acts from their upcoming 2024 edition.

Joining the likes of Bonnie “Prince” BillyGazelle Twin, Emma Ruth Rundle, Mary Lattimore and many more will be Grove, returning after their stunningly brutal set in 2022. This time they will be presenting their new collaborative project alongside Toya Delazy and TaliaBle.

“Toya Delazy and TaliaBle are two of the most incendiary, powerful and badass live performers I’ve ever seen, so to host them head to head for a soundclash at Supersonic is a dream. Both are pioneers in fusing genres, with Toya’s statement “afrorave” combining their Zulu roots with heavy rave music, to TaliaBle’s punk-drenched hip-hop setting rooms into a frenzy. If my past experiences with these two is anything to go by, this SOUNDCLASH is going to be heavy, energetic and WILD. I feel Supersonic Festival is the perfect place for this big, bad extravaganza. It’s one of the UK’s best melting pots of sonic wizardry, with the best audience to match.”

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe

Alongside Grove‘s newly commissioned work, Supersonic is pleased to welcome composer Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, renowned for his innovative work with voice and modular synthesiser; he will present a UK premiere of music from the score he created for the film Grasshopper Republic (the soundtrack is out now via Invada). Supersonic is thrilled to host an exclusive UK performance from Canadian sludge metal duo Vile Creature whose live performances are a cathartic journey through themes of identity, queerness and social justice.

Vile Creature

Supersonic is always looking for new names exploring dark sounds, and looks forward to welcoming Tristwch Y Fenywod to the festival – a Welsh language gothic rock power-coven conjured from the experimental underground. Dame Area craft hypnotic rhythms and distorted synths that blur the lines between chaos and control. Daisy Rickman‘s music reflects her deep connection to the landscapes of Cornwall, creating a sun-soaked realm of sound, where mystical and earthy melodies intertwine. UKAEA will bring their infamous party energy to the festival and audience participation is encouraged during WATER X WOMB’s set – creating space for others to participate in their ceremonial, spiritual, blissful walls of noise. Modified Youth are a young, dynamic two-piece DIY band who ignite a fiery rebellion, and will inspire Supersonic audiences to join their passionate quest for change.

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

Supersonic Festival has always held Bonnie “Prince” Billy close to their hearts, and so it is a dream come true to host a set from him during the 2024 edition of the festival. He’s been at the forefront of DIY indie, folk and alt-country since the early 90s and has a consistently brilliant and prolific output. His work radiates with such emotional depth, no two performances are ever the same – and there won’t be a dry eye in the venue.


Following Lankum’s incredible performance at Supersonic’s 2023 edition and a shared mutual admiration for each other, Supersonic had to invite them back in other guises; ØXN and One Leg One Eye. ØXN (bringing together Radie Peat of Lankum, John ‘Spud’ Murphy and Eleanor Myler of Percolator and Katie Kim) digs deep into the earth and retrieves evocative tales of love, loss, longing, revenge and ritual. Add to that their other-worldly sonic textures that beckon you to peer behind the curtain, with your heart in your mouth. One Leg One Eye is the project of Ian Lynch (Lankum) that explores submerged leylines of music and song, drawing on the raw aesthetics of black metal, noise and drone, while also being deeply imbued with a sense of Irish history and myth.

“Last year I had the great honour of (finally) playing and attending Supersonic Festival for the first time. From the get go I felt an amazing energy and sense of community that brought me right back to all my favourite DIY punk and hardcore festivals over the years – something I have largely been missing with the bigger kind of festivals that Lankum plays these days. Environments like that don’t happen by accident and I left the festival with a huge sense of awe and respect for the organisers in making such an event possible. In the following days I told myself that I would come back every year as a punter no matter what, so imagine how delighted I was to be asked to come back this year and perform as One Leg One Eye! I can’t wait and already know that it’s going to be a highlight of my year.”
– Ian Lynch, Lankum, One Leg One Eye

The Supersonic 2024 edition explores a fascinating range of folk artists upending the traditions of the genre, including Scottish small pipes player and native Gaelic speaker Brìghde Chaimbeul who has carved a sonic space where tradition and minimalism meet. She captures live, the dense and wild landscape of her home through hypnotic drones and the ethereal drawl of her chosen instrument. One of the leading figures in Ireland’s burgeoning folk music renaissance known for his unconventional approach, John Francis Flynn masterfully unpicks traditional songs and rearranges them with an emotional force that sometimes leaves them un-anchored.LA-based harpist and composer, and one of today’s preeminent instrumental storytellers, Mary Lattimore invites us intoa musical universe rich with memories, scenes, and split-second impressions.

Emma Ruth Rundle

Emma Ruth Rundle is an artist who creates delicate atmospheres which are imbued with an unparalleled emotional heft. She will return to her roots at this year’s festival, performing her debut album, Some Heavy Ocean, 10 years after its release. Some Heavy Ocean is a collection of impassioned, cathartic songs, exorcising the ghosts of one of life’s dark detours. Melancholic, but equally hopeful and devastatingly human, the album wears its emotions on its sleeve.

“I am delighted that I will finally be playing Supersonic fest this year; and in honour of the 10 year anniversary of Some Heavy Ocean, will be performing an intimate solo set that includes most of the album’s material. I love the supersonic community and am so thrilled to be part of this year’s most excellent line up.”– Emma Ruth Rundle


Performing their debut collaborative music for the first time are The Body & Dis Fig – the perfect synthesis of two forces, twisting melodicism and intoxicating rhythms, layering a dense miasma of distortion with intense beats, and a soaring voice clawing its way towards absolution. Senyawa will also perform, who powerfully combine Indonesian tribal and primitive sounds with industrial music. Gazelle Twin makes a return to Supersonic in support of the new album, Black Dog – a plunge into darkness rooted in the theatrics of the séance and the phenomena of ghosts.

Melt Banana

Supersonic relishes in presenting opportunities for communal catharsis through joyous, raucous metal and punk, and bringing high energy to this year’s edition are Melt-Banana with their unorthodox, unclassifiable, and utterly brilliant speed-of-light grindcore. Also playing are Agriculture (signed to The Flenser), whose sublime subversion of the black metal tropes evokes awe-inspiring sublimity. The None are a band comprising members of Blue Ruth, Youth Man, Bloc Party, Young Legionnaire, Cassels and Frauds, their uncompromising vision of noise rock with melody at its heart, channels the spirit of The Jesus Lizard, Silverfish and Unwound. The upcoming Atlanta five-piece Upchuck are a kinetic force of youth and enthusiasm, churning out brutally honest, boisterous tracks that blur the lines between psych rock, punk, and hardcore. What would Supersonic be without some down right dirge? This will be brought to audiences in the 2024 edition by The Shits with their sludgy amalgamation of guitar grit, trashy drums and UK82 era street punk growls.

MC Yallah x Debmaster

Exploring ecstatic sounds of different proportions is Irish based Kurdish/Syrian singer and Bouzouki player Mohammad Syfkhan, whose sound takes elements from Middle Eastern and North African music to create an atmosphere of joy, love and happiness. Other explorers include Newcastle-Upon-Tyne’s Smote’s flute-and-drum-driven music, which conjures up a feeling of bleak magick, reaching for transcendence through repetition, and opening up uncanny new psychic pathways. Unable to perform last year, Supersonic Festival is delighted to invite MC Yallah x Debmaster back to the festival, bringing high energy performance and delivering her rapid and tightly controlled flow alongside futuristic hip-hop, grime, punk and trap with Debmaster.

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