Supersonic presents… Bohren & Der Club of Gore in 2024


Supersonic Festival are delighted to welcome back Bohren & Der Club of Gore to Birmingham on Saturday 9 November at the stunning Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, the first time they have graced these Midlands shores since our last rendezvous with them back in 2012.


Royal Birmingham Conservatoire



The self-styled “doom jazz” masters were spawned in 1992 out of a mutual love of all things heavy and unholy but channelled their impulses into inspiration not influence.  Bohren’s ineffable skill at lulling listeners into richly hypnagogic states. As they prize a deep sense of cool yearning that hearkens back to the slow burn atmospheres of classic film noir as much as David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti’s soundtracks, dark ambient and the bluest jazz, plus the doom metal of Black Sabbath, Gore, and their dusty echoes in Earth. It’s a velvet cloak for the senses; essentially a heavily tranquillising sound, but one fraught with an existential angst that’s won them a cult audience over the years.

Special guests to be announced soon…