NEW PODCAST! Friday at Supersonic 2023

We’re back with a new episode of the Supersonic Podcast celebrating our 20th anniversary edition and 2023 line-up!


This podcast is the perfect introduction to the artists performing at this year’s festival! Join Team Supersonic as they take you on a wild journey through the sounds of Friday night at Supersonic Festival 2023. With so much stellar line-up to get through, we’re splitting up this edition into three parts, so welcome to part one!!


It’s an absolute stonker of a programme with music and conversation from Deerhoof, Hey Colossus, Ex Easter Island Head, Ondata Rossa, Total Luck, Un.procedure, Infinity Knives & Brian Ennals and MC Yallah with Debmaster. Tune on in!







If you’re in a position to support the artists in this podcast too, we suggest heading to their Bandcamp. Here’s the tracklist…


  • Deerhoof – My Lovely Cat
  • Hey Colossus – My Name In Blood (new single) & Hey Dead Eyes Up 
  • Ex Easter Island Head – Live at Supersonic 2014
  • Ondata Rossa – exerpt from 63 
  • Total Luck – Ramble
  • Procedure – You Stepped Into A Hole
  • Infinity Knives x Brian Ennals – Death of a Constable & Coke Jaw
  • MC Yallah + Debmaster – Sikwebela