Matters on making electronic music in the Home of Metal

Birmingham-based duo Matters prioritise live performances over studio recordings and work hard to create immersive audience experiences, assembling their own lights and visuals whilst creating a live soundscape of synth patches, drums and guitar. They spoke to us about the ways in which Birmingham as a city shaped these shows.

“There’s obviously a really interesting history of heavy music in the city – electronic stuff too – and I’m sure that’s gotten in. I think part of the influence has been in what wasn’t here as well though, in our live form, trying to create our own version of experiences had elsewhere.”

This comes as no surprise, with their wide-ranging influences impacted by their various touring locations. Matters have been on tour with Flat Worms for the first couple of weeks in June, and now they’re off to play a festival in Uzbekistan before Supersonic.

This set will follow their memorable 2019 performance . New to their roster will be songs such as 2020’s Hannah, a song which was recorded pre-pandemic but released within it. “Hannah was recorded a year before the pandemic hit,” said guitarist Stuart-lee Tovey, “so for us it was the actual release of the vinyl that was impacted. We were in Brid’s print studio working as fast as we could to get the packaging made as we knew it was inevitable we were going to be locked down. Geoff from Static Caravan also worked really hard to get the orders out in case going to the post office was no longer an option. So for us that release evokes many bleak memories, but the music itself exists in a different place.”

Another highlight is sure to be 2021’s Plastik, a trance-inducing electronic song featuring vocals by fellow Supersonic performer Blue Ruth. It is clear that audiences will need to watch closely as well as listen when this group takes to the stage.

When asked about their personal favourites from this year’s line-up they told us they’re excited to see Follakzoid, Divide & Dissolve, Grove and also really looking forward to making some new discoveries.
“HHY and the Macumbas, who played after us in 2019, were a revelation!”

Matters are performing on the Friday of Supersonic 2022 – tickets are available here.