Holy Tongue shows a new side to Valentina Magaletti

Holy Tongue, the newest project from percussion powerhouse Valentina Magaletti, fuses dub rhythms with an avante-garde attitude.

Supersonic audiences will recognise Magaletti from her work with Tomaga, Vanishing Twin, uuuu, her collaboration with percussionist and sculptor Joao Pais Filipe to create CZN, or her “Avante-Sabbath” piece with Pierpaolo Martino for Sofasonic in 2020. Holy Tongue are poised to take those listeners by the hand and lead them into new sonic territory.

“I have no idea whether Holy Tongue, the inspired new collaboration between London drummer Valentina Magaletti and Al Wootton (FKA Deadboy) plan to play live, but god, I hope they do.” – Resident Advisor

Holy Tongue’s self-titled first EP is a product of an improvised session in East London. Heavily influenced by dub reggae, the two bring a mutual appreciation for the experimental dub of On-U-Sound, Muslimgauze, and post-punk bands such as Liquid Liquid and 23 Skidoo to the forefront of the sound. The result is a record of psychedelic, free-form, high energy, spiritual dub-dance music.

It’s mind-warping, hypnotic and punctuated with Magaletti’s trademark rhythms. Wootton’s spacious textures and grooving basslines make for pieces that are both wandering and danceable.

Holy Tongue play the Friday of Supersonic Festival 2022 – get your tickets here.