J. Zunz announces third solo release ‘Del Aire’ with Rocket Recordings

J. Zunz teases upcoming record with new single ‘Ráfaga’.

This week Lorella Quintanilla, known as one half of Guadalajaran psych duo Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, announced her third solo release under the moniker of J Zunz. Rocket Recordings released her new single ‘Ráfaga’ this Tuesday with a hypnotic video. Like most good things, it’s best enjoyed at full volume in a dark room. 

“Nuanced, confident, and throbbing with paranoia.”
Echoes And Dust

Quintanilla first embarked on J. Zunz as a means of stripping her music back to basics, inspired by the work of John Cage and influenced by ideas of Buddhism, futurism and modern art. The project has gone on to become an exercise in catharsis via cyclical synths, both for the artist and the listener.

J. Zunz spent a strict lockdown in the coastal city of Enseneda, Mexico recording ‘Del Aire’, buffeted by the strong winds of Baja California. She describes the process as a “continuity and discontinuity” from her 2020 release ‘Hibiscus’, and that it extracted a similar, yet fresh strain of emotional complexity. Wide, droning expanses nestle against claustrophic beats in a record that Uncut Magazine have described as, “a focussed collection of icy textures.”

“I write in a very personal way. I try to make this bridge between personal and political.”
Lorena Quintanilla a.k.a. J. Zunz, speaking to Jasmine Ketibuah-Foley for Supersonic Festival

‘Del Aire’ is out on 24th June via Rocket Recordings, and available to preorder here. We can’t wait to have J. Zunz grace our stage just a few weeks later on the Sunday of this year’s festival. Get your tickets for Supersonic 2022 here.