Interview with un.procedure – space jazz trio


un.procedure are an experimental-jazz-rock outfit, with members hailing from both Birmingham (synth player Piera Onacko and drummer/electronic artist Nathan Jones) and London (alto saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi).


The trio deliver a frantic collision of free improvisation with spiralling, 70’s rock influenced grooves and heady, sci–fi tinged soundscapes. A project born initially as a commissioned work, the band has since sprouted legs of its own. Having played shows nationally and internationally in 2021, un.procedure have sights set for a debut EP release this year. Multi-faceted artist David Stanley (GURIBOSH) provides a live, reactive visual spectacle to accompany their pummelling performances.  


Ahead of their performance at our International Women’s Day bash we ask band instigator & synth whizz, Piera Onacko a few questions…

Hey Piera. We’re really looking forward to having your trio un.procedure perform at Centrala on Sat 5 March, it’ll be our first live show in two years! So we’ll definitely be having a good old knees up! What can our Supersonic audience expect from your live performance?

Loud…! Lots of electronics, lots of pedals. There’s some improvisation, but plenty to groove to. We’re very much looking forward to playing! Being relatively new on the scene, having the opportunity to perform live is still in the honeymoon phase for us.



How did un.procedure come to be? You’re all very skilled musicians in your own right…

Thank you! un.procedure grew from a B:Music commission. Cassie and I (Piera), began working together on a set of music, and Nathan was recruited too. We gelled really well as a unit, and decided to continue the project as a band. 



We love the live video of you performing on the Symphony Hall stage. There’s so much energy there! How did you come together to forge this material as a trio?

It was by and large getting together and recording everything as one long jam. We’d then go through and pick bits out that seemed to have legs as musical ideas. We came up with a lot of material recording in the studio too.



Any plans to release this music in the big wide world?!

Absolutely. We have a five track EP ready to go, with a release date for sometime in spring of this year.  Watch this space.


Do we detect some Krautrock, Faust and CAN-like influences in there amongst the jazz and electronics…? 

I am a huge Krautrock fan, and have always fancied the idea of incorporating some of those influences. There is something really special about the raw edges of early electronics, and I tried to bring a bit of that to the parts I’m playing. 


We’re big fans of immersive live experiences, and we hear you’re bringing along some live visuals for the show created by multi-media artist Guri Bosh. How did that all come together?

Guri Bosh has been following our creative process from the get-go, and we’ve talked at length on the subject of visuals reacting with music. It all started with some family video footage I had of rural Ukraine, and kind of kept building from there.  


Thanks for chatting to us. It’s great to get to know our Supersonic artists a little better and introduce our audience to your work! and in the Supersonic spirit of sharing great unclassifiable music – what’s going to be your International Women’s Day anthem of 2022?!

My anthem of IWD 2022 is Yang Yang by Anika – fuzzy, noisy, catchy!