Föllakzoid: Ancient Music of the Andes

Chile’s Föllakzoid began 10 years ago as a trance experience between childhood friends Domingae & Diego. Heavily informed by the heritage of the ancient music of the Andes, the band has learned to integrate their origins with contemporary sounds and technologies of our times, creating a rich yet minimal electronic-organic atmosphere.  


Föllakzoid create extended tracks that fill longer spaces of time with fewer and fewer elements. The creative perspective of the band has always been about unlearning the narrative that shape physical and digital formats of music, instead they make a time-space continuum of trance-inducing sound.


With a number of records out on Sacred Bones, Föllakzoid make long, slow, hypnotic pieces that shimmer and throb, evolving until they’ve infected your mind and body, not a million miles from the traditions of German bands like Can, Kraftwerk and Neu! 



an all-enveloping experience both sinister and slightly disconcerting”


With each release they reduce the components of their music more and more, resulting in the most sublime minimalism. They call the process “depuration”  – literally freeing their music from impurities. ‘I’ their fourth full-length release is the perfect example of this.


From Domingae, vocalist and guitarist… “We invite you to join us in sharing the experience of being led by this non-rational, sonic artform and its energy. It is also an invitation to connect once again with your inner master and his intuition, erasing the systematic rationalization that usually follows creative forces when perceived, to guide you on this holographic simultaneous simulation where reality is rooted in” 


Föllakzoid perform live at Supersonic Festival 8-10 July 2022. Weekend Tickets are now on sale here.