Sofasonic Playlist: Radwan Moumneh


As part of the lead-up to Sofasonic Festival, a weekend of online events happening 17-19 July 2020, we’ll be releasing an array of playlists on Spotify that have been carefully curated by artists & friends of the festival for your listening pleasure.


First up, we’re excited to share with you a selection from Radwan Moumneh, member of Jerusalem In My Heart, the acclaimed Montréal–Beirut contemporary Arabic audio-visual duo who performed at our 15th edition festival last year. 

Guided by Moumneh’s melding of ‘traditional’ melismatic singing (in Arabic) and buzuk playing, with modern deployments of modular synthesis, filter banks, power electronics, field recordings, JIMH pay homage to the blown-out distortions of historical Arabic cassette tape culture, processed through modern currents of electronic music. Moumneh’s lyrical themes are deeply expressive and rich in political and socio-cultural historical consciousness, all of which are complimented by the 16mm film loops and projections that are an integral part of the JIMH aesthetic identity.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to the music that inspires him, and we hope you do too…



A statement from Radwan:

“This past little while has made me, like everyone, slow down so much. it’s given me the time to reflect on so much in the past, and as hard as it was, try and not think/ worry about the future. I embraced the silence and the quiet, and decided on not making plans about the future, until I feel there is a future. I dearly miss Supersonic and it’s entire team. Year after year, I keep being impressed by the festival curation and how special a gathering it is. And then I got to experience it, and left with such warm feelings and amazing encounters. Really looking forward to seeing what Supersonic has in store once all this blows over…”


Stay tuned – more delectable music selections coming from Supersonic artists & friends soon…