Today is another Bandcamp Friday, meaning Bandcamp will waive its fees once more in support of musicians during the Covid-19 Pandemic, with 100% of profits going straight to artists for 24hrs, many of which have recently had tours, festivals and shows cancelled. 


This time we ask you consider supporting two immensely forward-thinking acts from Brazil’s underground – RAKTA and DEAFKIDS. 





Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro is now known worldwide for his thoroughly irresponsible handling of the pandemic. It is already one of the nations worst hit by Covid-19, with Bolsonaro dismissing the disease as a ‘little flu’. Since taking power in January 2019 he has enraged musicians and film-makers by slashing public funding for their work.


[Image by Katja Orgin // Dennis McNett procession]


Here at Supersonic, as champions of the unclassifiable and creativity that grows against the grain, we want all musicians to be supported; emergent, pioneering or legendary. Yet it’s undeniable just how devastating the present situation is for those artists in Brazil, and we hope it’s underground can continue to thrive, reflect, and resist the Bolsonaro era they are currently living in.

[It’s important to note that the country’s long history of resistance through music runs directly parallel to its past as a colony, a slave state and as a military dictatorship.]


If you’re in a position to, today is an opportunity to support the lesser known artists. Many creatives are treading water in these uncertain times, but a tenner going to an artist you love can be a meaningful way to show your solidarity and support. Here are our recommendations…


From the depths of São Paulo, Brazil’s RAKTA were due to perform at this year’s, now cancelled, Supersonic. They create psychedelic textures of synthesizers and effect pedals that emanate above solid basslines and heaving drums.


“Over here in Brasil the scenario is really bad… Well, it has always been but now it’s worse. As artists we also lost all of our programmed shows and works, and we are getting very little support from the government, like 100 pounds per month (and this only if you get applied). It’s terrible. We have no minister of health, our president is an assassin, the wave of fascism is growing… and not to talk about the racism… It’s a deep hole!”




DEAFKIDS, a ruthless three-piece conjuring unholy noise from hardcore punk, metal and Latin American music, you may remember formed part of our unforgettable Dennis Mcnett procession at Supersonic 2018. We recommend their 2019 release, Metaprogramação. DEAFKIDS have been described by Neurosis’ Steve Von Till as…


“one of the most exciting bands I have heard in a very long time. They are a unique psychoactive journey of Brazilian polyrhythmic percussion, hypnotic chanting, and aggressive repetitive raw punk all echoing out from another dimension.”






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