Hello Culture: Remix, Reflections

We had an interesting and thought provoking time at Hello Culture: Remix last week for BBC’s digital cities.

The day gave arts organisations and artists a chance to discuss the highs and lows of digital content creation, a day of thinking and of getting practical about how technology is transforming our culture.

The day featured a panel on creating music through digital means, with artists such as #SSFest18’s Sam Underwood (Connected Devices) and Sarah Farmer (Ideas of Noise) discussing the impact technology has had on music and what the hell that means.

In reality, digi stuff has enabled immediate changes to how we access and work with music. It’s enabled us to share far and wide, save it for ourselves in tidy hard drives as opposed to shelves and shelves of records. Technology and digital culture has opened our eyes to countless possibilities of making and experiencing music, ways which are multi-disciplinary, multi-levelled, and, yes, continuously experimental (which we’re always fans of).

Lets look at the upcoming Outlands Tour 3 show with DRIFT ft. KYOKA / GRISCHA LICHTENBERGER / YTAC as an example. Within this performance, the crowd and performers will be monitored by motion sensors and microphones within the room to determine the visuals to be projected during the live set. Technology, in this sense, is the driver of this live performance. It is technology- that of the electronic music and receptive installation work- which will inform the audience experience.

Electric Campfire 2013 VillaMassimo – Kyoka

Like it or lump it, digitalisation has happened, and WILL continue to grow, impacting on how we access music in our everyday lives. But is this exciting, or borderline creepy? Let us know your thoughts.

In the mean time, experience it for yourself at the upcoming Outlands show at Vivid Projects, November 9th. TICKETS on sale NOW!