6 WEEKS TO GO! Outlands Tour 3: Drift ft. Kyoka / Grischa Lichtenberger / YTAC


Only 6 weeks to go until Outlands Tour 3 comes to Vivid Projects on Friday 9th November 2018! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW

Part club, part installation; join us for a night of heavy electronics, hypno-chaotic grooves and pristine frequency control within a unique, audio-visual environment, DRIFT ft. acclaimed German electronic label Raster artists Kyoka, Grischa Lichtenberger with support from key figure of the shady EIS HAUS collective YTAC sets forth an intoxicating, hyper-sensory digital experience.


Electric Campfire 2013 VillaMassimo – Kyoka


DRIFT will take shape within a specially constructed space at Vivid Projects, Digbeth, where motion sensors and microphones monitor the room, the crowd and the performers. The observations are fed to a central ‘brain’, which responds by projecting fevered machine-dreams back onto people and walls – the audience and the performance influence the visuals; feedback ensues, chaos builds. Inside this generated environment, artists Kyoka and Grischa Lichtenberger from acclaimed German electronic music record label Raster will diffuse their visions of experimental dancefloors.


DRIFT is an immersive environment developed in collaboration by feral games developers and digital art technologists wetgenes and our fellow Outlands partner Fuse Art Space. Now in its second build version following an original commission by the British Science Festival in 2014, the system is housed within a specially constructed reflective enclosure which, with motion sensors and mics, monitor the room, the crowd, the performers. These then feed audio and visual observations to an array of processors, which converts the data to graphics and projects these graphics back onto the walls and people.


DRIFT technologists wetgenes will be facilitating workshops in the weeks leading up to the UK Tour, shining a light on the artistic and technological processes within the live performance. SO KEEP AN EAR OUT for upcoming info on the artists/ collectives involved, and how to take advantage of this unique opportunity…