Gum Takes Moog

(film by T.A.Wagstaff film and photography)

Here’s the new video release from our MOOG Sound Lab series hosted at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire as part of Supersonic Festival 2018. Gum Takes Tooth were joined by Wayne Adams of Big Lad for a 2 day residency in the lab. 

GUM TAKES TOOTH took to the Supersonic stage on the Sunday afternoon of the festival this year, following their immersive time in the lab.

Whatever they had originally planned for us that Sunday was soon chucked out the window after inspiration found them via the oscillations transmitted by the wall of MOOG synthesizers over the course of those 2 days. They delivered an absolute belter of a set, getting the Supersonic crowd well and truly warmed up for the festival finale. At Supersonic, we were dead chuffed to see these artists revel in this unique opportunity.

“an exercise in extreme electronica, taking on techno structures and reconfiguring to a dramatic extent. Filled with energy, the band moved confidently through this maniacal set and set the bar fairly high.” – Pop Matters