Giant Swan Confirmed to round off Friday Line Up!

‘They’re not the first to approach techno from a hardcore punk sensibility, but their energy on stage is pushing them into a league of their own. Imagine Container and Alan Vega attempting a peak-time techno record, and you’re halfway to grasping the Giant Swan sound’ – Resident Advisor


Giant Swan have been confirmed for a right royal round off to Supersonic Festival’s Friday line-up.
They join Croww / Goat / Housewives / Moor Mother / The Ex / Wetware / + Ideas of Noise curated stage of experimental sounds from the Midlands



Vital players within Bristol’s Howling Owl collective and with strong ties to the city’s deep musical heritage, Giant Swan are a maelstrom of energy, bleeding between sonic movements that both obliterate and invigorate. The brainchild of Robin Stewart & Harry Wright; the two create an acerbic marriage of energised, aggressive dance music, quaking bass and hypnotic electronic noise. Building on a foundation of rhythmic tension and frenzied improvisation, no two performances are the same as the duo re-build and destroy their twisted vision of techno-not-techno over and over again.

The acclaimed release of the Earn 12″ on FuckPunk in 2016 confirmed them as one of the most exciting electronic acts to emerge in recent years, and this 2017’s EP on Timedance along with game changing performances at Villette Sonique, Berghain and Unsound Festival has taken things to a whole new level.