Joasihno is psychedelic machine music

“The mechanical influence is apparent from the start… like a robot recycled from the remnants of a steel drum who yearns to play the electro-harp for Cluster “ – Playground mag


“I always have a spatial vision of music” says Cico Beck, the heart of electro plaything Joasihno. Sitting in his basement studio among self-made synthesizers, records and weird instruments, he points at a tiny robot beating an electronic drum: “That’s one of my new musicians”.



Psychedlic machine music from Munich, Cico Beck (Aloa Input, the Notwist) and Nico Sierig have manifested a stunning electronic set up with the assistance of a “robot orchestra”. Switching between analogue synths, world percussion instruments and computer programming, Joasihno’s sound rings inspiration from many great experimental pioneers- from Mort Garson and the melancholy of Kraut Electronica, to Moondog and the patterns of Steve Reich. Beck’s brave experimentation has brought Joasihno into ambitious, unusual terrain.

These guys are experts in contemporary beat making, playing with a variety of sounds that build from minimalist wobble to expertly layered mixtures of electro twinkles, soothing synth chords and warm oscillations.

Expect a set with a krautrock pulse, fuzzy distortion and wordless exhalations. Get a taste for them in action below, and experience them live this June.