Crimbo Limbo Podcast

Feeling that festive fatigue?

Had the wind knocked out of you by too many sprouts?

Just can’t seem to get drunk any more?


Here we are on the 29th of December. Chubby, limp and useless as we tumble around in the Crimbo Limbo in a state of flux. We hope you’ve had a jolly ol’ time but C’MON NOW SURELY THAT’S ENOUGH?!

Well, in any case, we thought we’d bring you another podcast to help pass some time and divert your ears and attention from the TV to another talky box for a whole hour – go on you can manage it.

In this instalment we look back at Supersonic highlights from over the years & check out which of our Supersonic Artists have ended up on The Quietus Albums of the year 2017

And we promise – strictly no WIZARD or mention of MINCE PIES or LOUD FAMILY DISPUTES

[just a slight potential of a Christmas competition…but with an edgy twist…because that’s just us]

With music from: LCD Soundsystem // Gazelle Twin // HAQ 123 // Laura Cannell // Jenny Hval // Colin Stetson // Hey Colossus // Snapped Ankles // Casual Nun // Big Joanie // Richard Dawson //