Supersonic FAQ

Each year we receive lots of emails asking lots of questions, so to make life easier, we’ve collated all of the information here into the Supersonic Festival Frequently Asked Questions List. If you do have a question, check the list. If it definitely isn’t answered here, [email protected] is where you can send it.

WHAT DOES MY TICKET INCLUDE??!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??

This has been a frequent request this year. So let’s clear it up ONCE AND FOR ALL!

  • EARLY BIRD AND WEEKEND PASSES give you entrance to the opening concert at Town Hall with Anna Von Hausswolff.
  • Melt Banana are playing twice – once on the FRIDAY for ADULTS and again on the SATURDAY for KIDS – Friday’s show is included in a weekend ticket OR Friday ticket holders – and the KIDS GIG tickets are now SOLD OUT
  • Ticket combinations and info. can all be found on the relevant pages when you click on each ticket icon here


So, what do I do first? Box office opening times.

You get your wristband! Box office is located at our festival hub on Floodgate St; this is where you can exchange your tickets for wristbands or purchase festival tickets. This is also where press and guests should come. 

Box Office opening times are:

Friday: 18.30 – 19.00 At Town Hall for our opening concert with Anna Von Hausswolff (for early bird/weekend plus/Anna Von Hausswolff tickets only)

21.30 – 23.30 At our festival hub on Floodgate St. for all other tickets

Saturday: 16.00 – 22.00

Sunday: 15.00 – 21.00


Accommodation: “Where can I live for the weekend?”

We have negotiated a number of special rates for Supersonic visitors, you can read all about that here


Alcohol: “Can I bring my own alcohol?”

Unfortunately not, you may be searched on arrival and if you are found to be carrying drinks, these will be confiscated. There will be licensed bars on the festival site. If you look under 21, please bring some photo ID along.

We have a number of lovely drinks available on site including a selection of Purity Ales

Supersonic Festival bars can be found in the The Crossing, Boxxed, Wild and in the tea room.



We have a food court on site located in North Yard, which will cater for vegetarians and vegans alike as well as meat eaters. 


Cash Points

There are only a few ATM machines in Digbeth, so you might want to take out money prior to arriving at the festival site. There are two free cash machines located near-by at:

  • Nisa | Digbeth High Street | B5 5NR (about a 3 minute walk from the Custard Factory) which is open until midnight daily
  • Birmingham Coach Station which is open 24hrs



Children (under 10) can come along, but it is essential that you contact us beforehand and they usually have to leave the festival site by 9pm. [email protected] ‘under 18’s’ in the title


Directions: “How do I get to Supersonic Festival?”

Supersonic Festival is held at the The Crossing Floodgate St, Birmingham B5 5SR Find directions to each venue here.

Lost Property: Lost something at the festival?

Any lost property found by Supersonic staff will be safely stored in the production office.

If you lose something over the weekend, contact a member of Supersonic / Security Staff. If you realise you’re missing something after the festival contact [email protected]

Playing at Supersonic – can my band play at Supersonic?

Capsule HQ receive tonnes of emails from bands wishing to play the festival, we wholeheartedly wish to encourage new artists and bands and work hard to ensure that the festival features plenty of new talent, however at this point in the proceedings we’re already fully booked so please refrain from emailing us, we welcome suggestions via our recommendations blog post and refer to these when programming the festival so please use this as your first point of call.

Performance Times

Stage times for each artist can be found here.



Normal smoking rules apply: you can smoke in any outdoor area on site, you cannot smoke inside any enclosed public buildings, tents, portacabins, or near a fuel source.



There are loads of taxi firms in Birmingham – Here’s numbers for a couple of them:

Atlas Cars 0121-643-8888

Ambassador Cars 0121-449-8888

T.O.A. 0121-444-8888

Royal Cars 0121-444-8888