The Seer – Harvesting Stones

harvesting stones from the moonseer on Vimeo.



Giants raised me,

Years before Man,

Before ash drifted

and dust clogged their veins.

The Seer is a multimedia performance devised and directed by artist and filmmaker Conny Prantera, exploring the mythical figure of Cassandra and her modern reincarnation as visionary, healer and political dissident. Bringing together a select group of international women artists and musicians, including Agathe Max, Eliza Bennett, Lani Rocillo, Rebecca Horrox, Tom Fug and Burl. The piece presents multiple video projections, costumes, spoken word and live performance, mixing movement, music and poetry through the diverse cast of players and the participating audience. 

Want to participate? Here’s how…

Choir of the Seer

a voice workshop with Rebecca Horrox

A unique opportunity not only for singers and musicians, but for anyone who takes delight in the freedom to experiment with the voice: any ability welcome.

The choir consists of a 1.30hr workshop on Saturday 17th at 2pm leading to a live performance with The Seer, which takes place later that evening in the form of a masked choir.

The dynamic relationship between voice and body will be explored through a short devised composition for many voices. Beginning with mind and body exercises, participants will locate the voice in different parts of the body creating a sense of feeling, for breath, space and listening. The remaining time will be spent singing the composition for the concert.

Simple to follow with gestural direction and improvised sections, participants will get to use their voice in an inventive and sometimes extreme way focusing upon dynamics, texture, rhythm, and harmony, the voice telling a story of its own amidst the performance of The Seer.

To register your interest, please email [email protected]

This commission has been supported by Supersonic Festival, the British Council and Arts Council England. (logos Britich Council/ACE)