Steve Davis: Cued Up


(photo credit: Matt Bohill)

“Steve Davis makes the point that if anyone ever tried to push him off balance, he would waver not to the left, right or backwards, but only forwards.”

Steve Davis on snooker stance

With Kavus Torabi, DJ Bus Replacement Service and techno legend Surgeon in tow, Steve returns to The Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath for ROUND 3 of the ultimate alternative club night – yes 3, it’s THAT good! Act fast, tickets sold out way in advance last time – facebook event page HERE

Steve Davis – the legendary sporting phenomenon from the 80s who took snooker to new heights and as presenter of The Interesting Alternative Show on Phoenix FM brought prog and jazz oddities to his cult audience, now turns his hands to the decks. A real game changer: a real forward thinker.

Listen back to the archive of The Interesting Alternative Show:

We at Supersonic began to wonder about the science, the physics behind being both snooker champion and superstar DJ.

An insightful article on snooker technique at assists with this comparison:

“Players should not be bound by principles generally laid down in previous books. If need be, they should experiment and find out if they can achieve their objectives in other ways.”

“What suits one player will not automatically suit another”.

“Discover the stance that works best for you and do not copy others. Try and focus on what is happening on top of the table and not what is happening beneath.”

From snooker, to turn, the table is a place Steve Davis is well on top of. He is certainly not bound by previously laid principles and experiments with an atypical approach to bringing the party.

It’s a hobby which he claims has spun out of control. His notorious 2016 Glastonbury set at the 500 capacity Stonebridge bar with partner in crime Kavus Torabi was mobbed by a curious turned shocked and enthralled crowd. With a packed out DJ diary since, Steve and Kavus have continued to woo party goers from Bluedot to Bloc Festival, from all around the UK to Thailand and beyond. Drawing from an eclectic array of influences: Magma, Caravan, Oscar Perry, Soft Machine and Gong to name but a few – Steve & Kavus spin together a unique set in their quest to deliver the music they love to lovers of the party.

For an article on the 10 records that changed Steve’s life, click [here]

According to, here are the steps towards taking the perfect snooker shot:

[DJ edit]

(we’re really enjoying this metaphor)

Step 1: Determine where you want the cue ball to go

Step 2: Determine where the cue ball will strike the object ball audience

Step 3: Determine how to strike the cue ball – pace and position 

Step 4: Stand behind the intended line of the cue ball (NOTE: this is where a lot of amateur players get into trouble) (NOTE: remain behind the booth. OR stand on it if you’re Kavus Torabi)

Step 5: Walk into the shot in a specific consistent way finger point dance

Step 6: Feather and pause as needed [errr?]

Step 7: Strike the cue ball [DROP]

OK I think we’ve laboured the point long enough. This is going to be a championship worthy set!