Timings for launch party


We’re delighted to have added Ex-Easter Island Head‘s Benjamin D. Duvall to the line up for Saturday he will present a mesmeric new work for Prepared Guitars and AM Radios, tuning into the furthermost territories of the groups’ unique vocabulary in pursuit of resonances sympathetic or otherwise.

Timings for the weekend
Friday doors 19.30pm
Mothwasp – 20.00
Sex Swing – 21.00
Xylouris White 22.10


For those of you visiting Birmingham for the weekend we recommend you visit Digbeth First Fridays – loads of great free arts activities taking place around the area.

Saturday doors 18.00pm
Rainbow Grave 18.30
Kuro – 19.30
Bismuth 20.30
Rattle 21.30
Stinky Wizzleteat – 22.30
Giant Swan – 23.30

Craug – Distorted Minds Crew 18.00
Ex Easter Island Head (solo) 20.10 (short set)
Ex Easter Island Head (solo) 21.00 (short set)
Sausage 22.10 – 01.30*
* In between bands followed by last hour of party fun

Remaining tickets can be purchased from

Please note there is no cash point near by so best bring enough cash with you for the bar/merch/cake.


One Response to “Timings for launch party”

  1. Matthew Doyle /

    great saturday night, Kuro were amazing, Stinky weasel teat were awesome and giant swan was one of the best acts i’ve seen since Bo Ningen,
    Rattle and Bismuth just need more practice but interesting sonic ideas from both.
    great venue great vibe nice tea n coffee n cake.