Rhodri Davies Profile



The usual: peace, love, the environment and getting rid of the Tories.


Rhodri Davies is no ordinary harpist. He pushes the instrument into previously unchartered territory, building fire and ice installations and exploring the cultural associations of the instrument through solo works, improvisation and frequent collaborations. His project with Richard Dawson, Hen Ogledd, is a true meeting of souls. Rhodri has also recently performed on Jenny Hval‘s new record, Apocalypse, girl.

Our friend Poppy Twist of fine Birmingham two-piece, Table Scraps asked Rhodri some questions. Here is what he wrote back:

Supersonic is proud to be based in the Home of Metal. What is your hometown the ‘home’ of?
My hometown is Aberystwyth. Pen Dinas hill, just south of the town, was the home of Maelor Gawr, the early Celtic king and giant. When he was caught and sentenced to death by his enemies, he was allowed his final request to blow on his horn three times before his execution. The first time he blew the horn his hair and beard fell out. On the second blast all his fingers and toenails fell off. On the third blast, the intensity of the sound broke the horn into tiny pieces.

Describe your favourite piece of visual art

Ben Patterson’s “Questionnaire”

please answer this question carefully.

yes ☐

no ☐

Plug an artist, artwork or idea you think deserves more recognition

I can’t big up Emma Hart and Lina Lapelyte’s work enough!



Who – or what – do you stand for?

The usual: peace, love, the environment and getting rid of the Tories.

You’re curating a dream festival line-up and can pick any artists living or dead. Who makes the cut?

Maryanne Amacher, Albert Ayler, Derek Bailey, Captain Beefheart, Bow Gamelan Ensemble, John Butcher, Laura Cannell, Philip Corner, Datblygu, Richard Dawson, Baby Dee, Julius Eastman, The Ex, Chris Forsyth, Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou, HOSE, Jenny Hval, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Kan Mikami, Phill Niblock, Bill Orcutt, Oceans of Silver and Blood, Ben Patterson, Crisialau Plastig, Sun Ra, Eliane Radigue, Otomo Yoshihide and Neil Young.