Ben Waddington, Skulls Out for Summer


Celebrating Supersonics occupancy of South & City College Birmingham, local historian Ben imagines what would feature on the syllabus and what would be created in the workshops were Capsule to become permanent vocational fixture here. This visionary academy excels in Fine and Applied Skulpture, intricately crafted by students under the tutelage of Digbeths skilled precision engineers, to striking effect. Even with a skeleton staff, the course promises to transform even the least promising bonehead to fully qualified artisan. That is, if students are prepared to bone up: dead heads need not apply.

The florid filigree reanimates the skulls from grotesque to elegant and the results are showcased in display cabinets to attract trade and inspire commissions. The college is keen to boast the ancient traditions of Digbeth: the skills, customs, rituals and bone-lore unique to the area. From here, they are exported around the world to collectors of anthropological oddities and industrial wonders. This perpetuates the legacy of the craft and ensures that it never dies out.…’ Skulls Out Forever!