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Hooray for Cosmic disco Francophiles Happy Meals, who have just had their gorgeous debut release, Apéro, nominated for Scottish Album of the Year. Happy Meals are also the latest of this year’s Supersonic artists to take some time out from making the soundtrack to the ultimate dusk ’til dawn fantasy night out to answer some questions for us. Have a listen to their slow bpm banger Le Voyage, below, and enjoy their brilliant interview, conducted by Poppy Twist of Table Scraps.

You are given the opportunity to write a new soundtrack for an existing film. Which film do you pick and why?
Un Chien Andalou. It’s a surrealist black and white film which is almost a collection of weird dream sequences.  The film has been perceived as dark by some and humorous by others and I think it would be cool to write a soundtrack which would further influence these perceptions.  The current soundtrack is the type of music typically found in the background of old black and white films – it would be amazing to write something drone-y and full to compliment it, and to open it to new thoughts and ideas.

Describe your favourite piece of visual art
The images on the ‘Fuck, Yeah Brutalism’ tumblr page always leave me pretty inspired. I discovered recently that my great great uncle was a modernist architect and designed large parts of post-war Bournemouth – maybe there’s an affection there in my blood. When I look at the buildings though I want to create something in it – it’s like looking at the ultimate blank canvas.

Plug an artist, artwork or idea you think deserves more recognition
The Triple Threat – – – Chips Cheese and Curry Sauce. ‘Triple’ because its the perfect three – ‘Threat’ because fuck you, I’ll eat what I want.

What can pull you out of a dreaded creative block?
Lewis: Stop using the internet, start fasting and cycling for the sake of cycling. My creative blocks are not for a lack of stimulation, but sometimes you need to feel something real amongst all the other sensation.

Suzi: I like to get somewhere the air is lighter and fresher.  Whether that’s to the sea, up a hill, or even to a park, some sunshine and clean air washes away anything heavy you’ve been feeling.  We think that the city surrounds us with everything we need, but the rushing around and grey stops us from connecting with how we really feel.  We forget how important it is to be surrounded by blue and green.

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