Holly Herndon: ‘curious people gravitate towards newness that they can learn from’


I’ve been very lucky to have been invited to play music around the world. One thing I noticed, though, as I toured, was that they were all escapist, a one-way communication stream. I wanted to discover how music can matter and not just be this escapist thing that middle-class white people consume.

Holly Herndon recently took part in a double interview (alongside Texan born, Berlin based producer, Lotic) for the excellently named Subbacultcha magazine. The killer quote, above, is taken from the interview and pretty much encapsulates why we are so excited for Holly’s performance at Supersonic this year. Holly clearly says what she sees and is one of the few voices in music challenging the status quo as she encounters it. We hope you’re ready to take part in a two-way communication stream.

Read the full piece here. You can also check out Holly’s video for ‘Interference’, taken off forthcoming album, Platform, below.

Tickets for Supersonic are available now.




One Response to “Holly Herndon: ‘curious people gravitate towards newness that they can learn from’”

  1. I am very excited to see Holly but fail to see how this kind of music can be anything but a one way communication stream. I will be stood there, perhaps with a pint. Probably dancing in my own shitty way. Almost certainly with a lot of middle class white people. Definitely consuming it as an escapist past time.