Circuit des Yeux Profile




Our most likely to be crowned the undiscovered gem in this year’s line up, vocal virtuoso Circuit des Yeux (aka Haley Fohr), has answered some questions for us. The interview kicks off a series of artist profiles created especially for us by writer, fine art student and member of Birmingham DIY duo Table Scraps, Poppy Twist. We’d like to thank Poppy for lending her talents to us for the run up to Supersonic.

Stream ‘Fantasise the Scene’, a new song from Circuit des Yeux’s forthcoming album for Thrill Jockey, In Plain Speech, here. The perfect soundtrack to the words below.

Circuit des Yeux interview:

Supersonic is proud to be based in the Home of Metal. What is your hometown the ‘home’ of?

My hometown isn’t home to much. My high school mascot was the Jefferson High School “Bronchos”. Supposedly the custodian was drunk when he was painting “Bronchos” on the front of the school, hence the misspelling. The staff decided to keep it and the town was taught that the ‘h’ in ‘Bronchos’ stood for “heart”.

Who are you most excited to see at Supersonic?

I am very excited to see Holly Herndon. From what I can gather from interviews, she seems to be full of interesting ideas, and possibly a nice person, too.

What can pull you out of a dreaded creative block?

For me, minimal improvisation is the key to getting out of a creative rut. I’ll lock myself in a room with a guitar and knife, or an amplifier with no input. Sometimes I’ll write a whole track where I just sing one vowel. Improvisation through constraints always takes me through to the other side of a creative block.

You’re curating a dream festival line-up and can pick any artists living or dead. Who makes your cut?

All female line-up: Cynthia Dall, Lisa Suckdog, Kim Gordon, Yoko Ono, Linda Sharrock, Diamanda Galas, Erica Pomerance, Bjork, Catherine Ribeiro, Grace Slick, Josephine Foster, Christina Carter, Sandra Bell, Kath Bloom, Marissa Anderson, Noveller, Joni Mitchell, Sandy Denny, Patti Smith, Patty Waters, Emmylou Harris, etc. All in their prime.

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