The New York Times Liturgy album review

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Liturgy released their new album, The Ark Work, yesterday, on Thrill Jockey. The Ark Work is swiftly becoming a firm favourite at Capsule HQ; it’s everything you could want from a long-awaited third full-length from a band who has always fearlessly prioritised its own staggering creative vision, to a point where the band itself almost disintegrated. Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, though, Liturgy are back, better than ever.

Ghastly genre gatekeeper bores, beware: this album is a rap/metal hybrid. Not only that, it also contains synthesised and real bagpipes, glockenspiels, time signature changes galore and is not shy about its pretensions to elevate life above the everyday.

The album was reviewed in The New York Times yesterday. Read the full review here.

Liturgy perform at Supersonic Festival this year. Tickets available here.