Sex Swing


Sex Swing have only been in existence since mid-2014 but are already a firm favourite of  The Quietus: ‘Moulded from members of Part Chimp, Mugstar and Dethscalator, Sex Swing could be any number of things. Will they lean more towards the vibe of Dethscalator, a dark channelling of early punk, down to the outrage baiting song titles such as ‘AIDS Atlas’ and ‘World War II Hitler Youth Dagger’? Could they be more infused with Part Chimp’s reverberating, distorted, Bronxesque new-wave punk? Perhaps they’ll side more with the psychedelic, drifting journeys of Mugstar. Maybe though, it’ll be a mix of all of the above, or even something more unique and bizarre.’

What little we do know about them includes their use of organ and saxophone, so take that for what it’s worth. Given the credentials of the members’ previous bands, we’re just as excited to find out as you. They feature Stu Bell on drums and Dan Chandler on vocals, reunited after the collapse of Dethscalator. Except Dan isn’t roaring like a minotaur who’s just stepped on an upturned plug with bare feet, he’s actually singing, and he sounds a little bit like Ian Curtis. Jase Stoll (Mugstar) adds chunky guitar, while Tim Cedar (Part Chimp) plays a mean Alan Vega style organ and Colin Webster is on a giant saxophone, itchily skronking away somewhere between Fela Kuti and Colin Stetson. I mean, I don’t want to jinx it or anything but they might actually be superb…