Jiří Wehle


A street musician from Prague who specialises in tradional and Medieval instruments, Jiří Wehle has had many musical incarnations in his life, but, in his words, has always followed the path of the troubadour.

Starting his musical life in the 1960’s where he played guitar in a rock and roll band, Wehle has been a prolific artist for over fifty years. After his father’s death in the 90’s, with whom he had a long-standing musical collaboration, he has gone on to play for The Estate Theatre in Prague, compose original music for Czech puppet-performer Pavel Vangeli, and take musical roles in several films.
Wehle also plays constantly in the streets, something which he continued to do throughout the Communist regime of the 1980’s and 1990’s. After this turbulent period in history, Wehle’s music became much more independent, and he also began to use Medieval instruments such as shawms, bagpipes, chalumeaus, krumhorns, cistras and hurdy-gurdy.