Happy Meals interviewed: ‘something fresh, something swag’

Happy Meals 1 Supersonic Website Dimensions

Happy Meals’ raunchy cosmic disco début, Apéro, is a firm favourite at Capsule HQ. We can’t wait to see what they have up their sophisticated (100% silk?) sleeves for their performance at Supersonic Festival. Until recently the duo’s internet presence was minimal, but this week they’ve received the double baptism of a Facebook and Twitter profile.

Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook, life partners since high school now finding expression through Happy Meals, have also been interviewed by Everything is Chemical blog this week. It’s recommended reading for anybody whose spirits haven’t been lifted enough yet by the (cold) spring weather; we have the impression that their enthusiasm for food, love, life and music is almost recklessly boundless, and we love them for it.

Watch their new video for the excellent Altered Images:

Tickets for Supersonic Festival are available via our Kickstarter; just three days left!