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Genres are crappy – here’s just good music

There’s nothing like a compilation to give you an insight into the inspirations behind artists’ work, and Glaswegian cosmic disco duo Happy Meals recently put together a corker for GoldFlakePaint blog – follow the link to listen.

Happy Meals’ performance at Supersonic Festival this year is sure to be a treat. Their debut album, Apéro (the singular of ‘apéritif’), has been compulsive listening in the Capsule office for the last few months. Like watching a long-drawn-out sunset on a city rooftop, the album is brimming with an intoxicating sense of anticipation for the night.

And talking of intoxicating anticipation…Tickets for Supersonic are on sale now. A range of festival ticket options (plus great rewards) are available via our Kickstarter campaign. Read more about the line up so far here.