TOMAGA Supersonic Website Dimensions

Two musicians on a quest to deconstruct their normal sonic palette and create a new and unfamiliar sound world. Prepared percussion, electronic drums, oscillators and more are deployed to create spacious, ranging sound collages. Having played for years in bands such as The Oscillation, Shit N Shine, Neon Neon, Raime, Voice Of Seven Thunders, Luke Roberts and countless others, TOMAGA channels multi-instrumentalism into music that is by turns reminiscent of industrial, jazz, psychedelia and minimalism. Rather than the complex, abstract sound that we might have expected to result from their totally unfettered musical explorations, the duo’s minimalist compositions are darkly psychedelic, elusive and deeply imbued with images, as though they have set some curiously unsettled, surreal dreams to music. After their first, self-produced cassette, Sleepy Jazz For Tired Cats, which was released in 2013, TOMAGA recently released their first album. ‘Futura Grotesk’ French label, Hands in the Dark (Robedoor, Saåad). Visual projections, angular electronics and mesmeric rhythms effect and immersive live presence reminiscent at moments of Can and Grumbling Fur.