Slow Magic


We don’t know anything about Slow Magic: the electronic musician closely guards his identity in order to challenge the way his music is presented and received. Wearing a fluorescent part-fox, part-zebra mask, Slow Magic is an immersive live sensation, whose sets feature programmed and live drums, projections, a light show and a welcome dose of crowd participation.
Slow Magic’s illuminated facade is, surprisingly, something of a leveller. His shows are an ambient, danceable, euphoric shared experience where the relationship between audience and performer is equalized.

Choreographed light show synchronised with his zebra mask. Acrobatic and infectiously enthusiastic live performer who revels in interaction with the crowd, including jumping in to create a drum circle. Crowd participation – portable percussion set. Ritualistic circles Intrigue and mystical Rare level of performativity and playfulness in the live electronic music scene. Make your own equine/fox inspired mask and there’s a chance you may be pulled up on stage to take part in the performance!