Supersonic 2015 – suggestions

We know you love this bit! Send us your suggestions for next year’s Supersonic. We always like to hear your wishlist, and don’t be afraid of being bold and brazen, heck one year we had Goblin AND Corrupted AND Thorr’s Hammer perform.
Here’s a little taster of our 2014 edition


140 Responses to “Supersonic 2015 – suggestions”

  1. David Brewster /

    Ekoplekz, DiE, Cavern of Anti Matter, Pye Corner Audio, Colin Potter, Not Waving, Pharmakon, Lee Gamble, Vision Fortune, Perc, Lightning Glove, Bremen, Badbrains, Golden Retriever, Cuntz, Clay Rendering, Eek are all things I’d like to see live.

  2. Winged Victory For The Sullen, Kashiwa Daisuke, Lullabye Arkestra, Richard Youngs, Fushitsusha, Skullflower

  3. Pharmakon, Lee Gamble, The Body, Scott O))), Zola Jesus, Wife, Bongripper, Thou, Godflesh, Today Is The Day. Those lovely Opium Lord lads wouldn’t go amiss either!

  4. CYCLOBE (please book these
    guys, the Coil connection alone makes total sense for Supersonic),
    Trans Am (perfect Supersonic Headliner, party vibes!)
    Also: Thou,
    Richard Dawson, Rhodri Davies, Jozef Van Wissem, Shit & Shine, Bad
    Guys, Hey Colossus, Pharaoh Overlord, Ranger…. to name a few!

  5. Cellular Chaos, Astral Social Club, Pharmakon, Pye Corner Audio, Zaimph, Smell & Quim, Our Love Will Destroy The World, AMFJ, Silent Front, Sister Iodine, Pete Swanson, No Balls, Stefan Jaworzyn, Black Sunroof/Skullflower, Evangelista/Carla Bozulich, Loop, Xiu Xiu, Quiet Evenings, Hijokaidan, Dead in the Dirt

  6. Chris Herbert /

    E.E.K are the band I regret not seeing the most on recent U.K. outings, they would be a perfect curve-ball addition.

  7. Jenny Hval, Pharmakon, Grails, Virus (the Norwegian ones), James Blackshaw, A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Anna Von Hauswolff, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Necro Deathmort. Also the Manchester troupes Wilderness Hymnal and From The Kites of San Quentin might be up your alley.

  8. Scott 0))) and whilst on a recent album thought, it would be great to see Electric Wizard back in Bham.

  9. Black Dirt Oak, No Neck Blues Band, Gate, The Dead C, Datashock, Gang Wizard, Pharaoh Overlord, Power Trip, Black Breath.

  10. Nick Etherington /

    Thou, Cyclobe, Boak, Ranger, Lee Gamble, Mika Vainio, Ishan Sound, Brutal Blues, Burmese, Eleh. And how about a Jahtari showcase for some party vibes.

  11. Would like to see The Wharves, Shield Your Eyes, Mainliner, That Fucking Tank and deffo Naked Raygun!

  12. Holger Czukay, Eagle Twin, Con-Dom, Ram -Zet, Long Range Desert Group, Grasscut, Necro Deathmort

  13. Matt McCartney /

    Boredoms, Thurston Moore wth Chris Corsano, Tribes of Neurot, Hella, Sloath, Colin Stetson, I’m Being Good, Plurals, The Birthday Party, White House, The Heads, Anthroprophh, Fuck Ton, Jungfrau, Oneida, Ex Models. Man Forever, Harvey Milk, Tera Melos, Scottish James Brown, Sweet Williams, Death Shanties, Everyone of the God Unknown Singles Club…

  14. NoMeansNo, Dangerous Girls, Mr Sterile Assembly, Misty’s Big Adventure, Knifeworld, The God Damn Whores, Bubblemath, 7shades, The Fierce and The Dead, Trojan Horse, A Formal Horse, Pram, Don Caballero, The Residents, The Display Team, Rattle, Health and Efficiency, The Scaramanga Six, Univers Zero, Stop Motion Orchestra, Crayola Lectern, Clinic, APATT, White Blacula, Splatterpink, Quasiviri, Physics House Band. Any or all of the above would be great! 🙂

  15. If you could get Scott O))) that would be astounding. Otherwise, Horse Loom, David Thomas Broughton, Boredoms, Kinski, Hugs Bison, Author & Punisher, The Necks, Blurt, Andrew Bird, Dorian Wood (USA), James Chance, Glenn Branca, Oxbow. Or the band from the Tonga Room.

  16. Forest Swords, Nils Frahm, Grafham Water Sailing Club, Part Chimp, Envy, Rachel Grimes, Vision Fortune, Spectres (and other Faux Disc, Howling Owl acts), Labradford, Drive Like Jehu, Them Wolves, Maserati, Thee Oh Sees, Bardo Pond, Six Organs Of Admittance, Steve Gunn, Sir Richard Bishop, Watter, Girl Band, Bailter Space, Barn Owl, Sir Richard Bishop, The Clean, Martha’s Vineyard Ferries, Jon Mueller’s Death Blues, Rapid Pig, Prolapse

    How about asking fellow local promoters ThisIsTmrw to curate a stage?

  17. There’s a Birmingham based psychnoise rock band called Ouroboros Collective who are worth giving an ear too. Their all in their early twenties and their sound is somewhere between Skullflower and Ash Ra Temple.

  18. Pigs, pigs, pigs, pigs, pigs, pigs, pigs. Blown Out. 11 Paranoias. Selvhenter. Part Chimp. Sex Swing. Casual Nun. Luminous Bodies. Terminal Cheesecake. Hakai Noku. Bong. Henge. GumTakes Tooth. The Butthole Surfers. Moon Ra. Shit & Shine. Bad Guys. Hey Colossus. Pharaoh Overlord. Scott O))). Lower Slaughter. Bardo Pond. Mainliner. Gnod. The Heads. Grey Hairs. Wolf Eyes. Lightning Bolt.

  19. Sleep Research Facility, Inade, Cut Hands, Carter Tutti Void, Sunn O))) WITH Scott Walker (tall order), Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo school of medicine, Electric Wizard, Damo Suzuki, Wrangler, Aphex Twin, Hexvessel, Godflesh, Lustmord, Koolaid (global tyranny), Aluk Tolodo, Local types Lachenalia, Khost, Einstellung, Mutate, Interlard & Cities prepare for attack. Oh yes…and D.N.P (what a cheek) 😉

  20. ESG, Thee Oh Sees, Goat (yes they played before but I couldn’t make it and I want to see them live!) White Finger. From Brum I’d like to see Them Wolves, Mutes, the Grafham water sailing club

  21. Boredoms, Wrest, TAR, Butthole Surfers, Black Abba, Scratch Acid, Culver, Pelt, Bitch Magnet, Kylie Minoise, Sly and the Family Drone (Again!), Aaron Dilloway

  22. Oliver Goodyear /

    A reprise of Circle’s recent Helsinki show as Circle vs. Circle with ten piece line up would be good. Also would like to see The Necks and Evan Parker together as missed their recent London show. Or Parker with noise bods – John Wiese or the like.

  23. Matt McCartney /

    SunnO))) with Scott Walker, Mugstar with Damo Z,John Zorn, My Cat is an Alien (Michael Morley, Lee Ranaldo, M + R Opalio + Ramona Ponzini) Steve Reich, Kellar, Glen Branca, Shit and Shine, Gravetemple, barbaros. Low, Full Blast, Bill Brovold and Larzel, The Muffins, Mark Dresser, Vision Fortune, Gay Witch Abortion, Divorce, Impractical Cockpit, Roseanne Barre.

  24. secret chiefs 3 faith no more fantomas tomahawk mondo cane peeping tom sunn 0))) + scott walker the bug godflesh gnod(electro) undersmile alunah author and punisher iroha transitional

  25. Erm… Oozing Wound, Henry Blacker, Stephen Tanner’s Music Blues
    project, Wooden Wand, Endless Boogie, Carla Bozulich, Prurient, Matana Roberts, Pig Destroyer, Castrato Attack Group…

  26. Jenny Hval. Follakzoid. Winged victory for the sullen. Shellac!! Horse loom. Brighton bands Sloath or Negative Pegasus. Skull Defekts again. Secret chiefs 3 again. Einsterzende Neubauten.

  27. A bug vs earth sound clash, cut hands, ideally as part of a blackest ever black showcase night, and Chris Watson,doing either something live, or an installation. Then leave the rest up to you. I thank you.,

  28. Local lad Chris Herbert please! His new album on Room40 is stunning.

    Oh, and: KTL, SND, Eyvind Kang, Raime, Locrian (plus solo show by Terrence Hannum), Asva, Danny Paul Grody and Lee Gamble would be nice too.

  29. Gnod, Goat, Expo 70, White Hills, Om, Sleep, Wooden Shjips, Pissed Jeans, Slint, EyeHateGod, Buzzoven, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Mogwai, Electric Wizard, Master Musicians Of Bukakkee, Spectrum, Spiritualized/ associated acts, Surgeon, Birmingham Techno/ Industrial DJs, Forest Swords, Six Organs Of Admittane

  30. The New Blockaders – The Books – Carter Tutti Void – Scott O))) – Cyclobe – Current 93 – Scorn – Pharmakon – Masonna – Swans – Hafler Trio – Blixa Bargeld – Fuck Buttons – James Holden – Bohren & der Club of Gore – Arthur Doyle – Mira Calix – Codeine

  31. Squrl, Blown Out, Gnod, Goat, Expo 70, White Hills, Om, Sleep, Wooden Shjips, Pissed Jeans, Slint, EyeHateGod, Buzzoven, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Mogwai, Electric Wizard, Master Musicians Of Bukakkee, Spectrum, Spiritualized/ associated acts, Surgeon, Birmingham Techno/ Industrial DJs, Forest Swords, Six Organs Of Admittane

  32. Undersmile, Signor Benedick the Moor, Yob, Conan, Melvins, Einstürzende Neubauten, Nod Nod, Muscle & Marrow, Ides of Gemini, Oathbreaker, Code Orange (kids), Ruby (Leslie Rankine), Hacker Farm, Bongripper, Slabdragger, Gurt, Alunah and MYRKUR.

  33. Terrascopic MagicEye /

    Pretty much all been said although I’d also add:

    Dead Sea Apes; White Manna; Hookworms; Anthroprophh (in addition to The Heads); Earthless; Kikagaku Moyo and The Oscillation. Acid Mothers Temple and Cult of Dom Keller, too.

  34. Uncle John from jamaica /

    Sunn O))), Oneohtrix Point Never, Venetian Snares, Agata (of Melt Banana) solo electric guitar set, Bernard Szajner, Boris, Merzbow, Barn Owl, Follakzoid, Guardian Alien, Loops Haunt, Teeth of the Sea, Wolf Eyes

  35. Zu, Lightning Bolt, Ektoise, Big Joan, 11 Paranoias, Bong, Teeth of the Sea, Thought Forms, MAN OR ASTRO-MAN? (go on, they’d be a good laugh), Slint, Nitkowski, Astrohenge, knifedoutofexistence, The Pirate Ship Quintet, Shellac. Get them, but if you can’t then get the Melvins xD

  36. burialxchamber /

    Huldra, Sunwølf, Dark Buddha Rising, Zaum, Wolvserpent, Menace Ruine, Horsehunter, Oranssi Pazuzu, Rosetta, OM, Eryn Non Dae., Esoteric, Horse Latitudes, Thou, Old Man Gloom, Atriarch, Ahab, UR, Erlen Meyer, Lords of Bukkake, From the Bogs of Aughiska, Blindead, Obscure Sphinx, Crib45, Expo’70, Ektoise.

  37. Fire! Orchestra, Gum Takes Tooth, Mamiffer, Scott O))), Eccentronic Research Council with Maxine Peake, Kayo Dot

  38. Snake Plissken /

    Sweet Williams, Shield your Eyes, Picore, Grey Hairs, The Wharves, Henry Blacker, The Horse Loom, The Unit Ama, Feature, I’m Being Good, Gloss Rejection, Broken Arm, Sex Hands, Survival Knife, Pontiak, Man Or Astroman?

  39. TOOT TOOT!

    Sarah Kenchington, Graham Dunning, ANTA, Kit Downes & Lucy Railton, an exhibition by Arno Fabre, Olly Coates (drone set – hehe), Sarah Angliss, Messer Chups w/ Lydia Kavina, Nobukazu Takemura, ZU, HangedUp, Brass Mask, Pierre Bastien, Paddy Steer, Philip Jeck, Jaipur Kawa Brass Band, Flat Earth Society, Mark Fell, Laura Cannell & Stuart Estell, Estradasphere (reformed?) and Tenore de Oniferi (!) and Eliane Radigue (!)

    OK, that’s enough…plus it’s getting totally fanciful 😉

  40. Naturalkunde Museum Ostkreuz: saw these in Manchester last night and holy shit they were wild! Well worth looking into. Completely mesmerising, pumping danceable almost carnival-esque drumming with dense laptop drones and clanging, bizarre ritualistic gestures and acrobatics. They setup on the dance floor. You can’t help but bust your ass to it. Never heard anything so joyous and sinister at the same time. Please investigate.

  41. Sleep, Goblin, Earth, Autechre, Wooden Shjips, Earthless, Off!, Extreme Noise Terror, John Zorn, AFX, Black Breath, Wormrot, Consumer Electronics, Pig Destroyer, Khost, Bismuth, Megladoom, Necro Deathmort, Grey Hairs, Lightning Bolt, Terminal Cheesecake, Masonna, Perc, Pharmakon, KiNK, Guardian Alien, Weedeater ….

  42. GoatSnake, Gnod, Richard Dawson, Blown Out, Bong Dark Northumbrian, Surgeon, Regis, Raime, Hey Colossus, Cyclobe, Bardo Pond, Expo 70, Buzzoven, EyeHateGod, Fuck Buttons, Bohren & der Club of Gore, Perc, Horse Loom, Slint, Cosmic Dead, Mogwai, Sleep, Wooden Shjips, Earthless, Terminal Cheescake, Squrl, Om, Pissed Jeans, Spectrum

  43. Doomsday Student, Oxes, Zeus!, Zu, Gum Takes Tooth, Nisennenmondai, Red Fang, Earthless…..

  44. An O))) of some kind, either Scott or Sunn, would be epic! I saw The Neutrinos at their Klanghaus installation in Edinburgh and it was incredible, reckon it would work well in a weird warehouse space… Also Stian Westerhus; Carla Bozulich/Evangelista; Colin Stetson; Cult Of Luna; Last Ex

  45. Charlie Orbit /

    Jenny Hval – Demdike Stare – James Holden – Oneida – Walls – Blackest Ever Black label showcase – Bjork – Barn Owl – Autechre – Scott O)))) – Mono – The Pop Group, these would make me happy

  46. Richard Dawson, Barn Owl, Trans AM, Nope, Howling Hex, Daniel Menche, Cooly G (or is it Coolie G?), Napoleon III (if he is still knocking about), Part Chimp (and on the back of that a Ligament reunion), Carter Tutti Void, Pharmakon (seeing as she cancelled last time for some reason – or was that at ATP. Cant remember), Blood Stereo, Blackalicious, DJ Shadow DJ Set, a one off Lords reunion, The Unit Ama, Ashley Paul, Julia Holter, Adam Bohman, Any of Mary Halvorson’s various groups and ensembkes, Grouper (ideally with Paul Clipson doing some visuals), The Brothers Unconnected (or either of them solo), Wadada Leo Smith, Lonnie Holley, Melvins, Carla Bozulich, Zu

  47. Boredoms, Big Naturals, German Army, Beau Wanzer, Skull Defekts, Ekoplekz, Gum Takes Tooth, Ike Yard, Mika Vainio, Robedoor, Vatican Shadow, Samuel Kerridge, Demdike Stare, Killing Sound, Akkord, Quttinipaaq, The Psychic Paramount, Rubble, No Balls

  48. Alastair Mellor /

    Trying to suggest acts that haven’t been on the billing before and it’s difficult ignoring some of them so here goes….Einsturzende Neubauten and/or The Butthole Surfers (are they still going?) would be a real coup. Gnod (all day and everyday – up to me I’d have them every year as residents). Terminal Cheesecake is a great shout too. Anyone connected to Rocket Records, (Anthroprophh, Teeth of the Sea (been on before but they’re a great act), Lay Llamas) Electric Moon (Please please please), Mugstar, Follakzoid, Black Bombain, Shit & Shine, Henry Blacker, Pigs x7, Loop, Sonic Jesus, Acid Mothers Temple, Xaviers, Nisennenmodai, James Holden

  49. sundance cheeseburger /

    Haikai no ku, drunk in hell, the body, bismuth, bardo pond, haxan cloak, David Grubbs, floor, the bug, bong, electric wizard, loop.

  50. Current 93, Wolf Eyes, SCOTTO))), Emeralds, Helios Creed/Chrome, Manuel Göttsching, Cyclobe.

  51. Heinz Renfield /

    Lightning Bolt
    Oren Ambarchi
    Federation X
    Intense Degree
    Lovely Little Girls
    Made In Mexico


  53. Dead Neanderthals, The Death of Her Money, Kogumaza, The Body, Haxan Cloak, Liturgy, Scott 0))), Thou, Evan Parker, Black Pus

  54. burialxchamber /

    I want to dance and piss on Cameron’s face. So any chance of booking Bristol’s Hateful Abandon? Listening to new album Liars/Bastards, a) I can’t sit still, and b) I think this has Supersonic written all over it. Book’em please.

  55. burialxchamber /

    Obake are another band with Supersonic in their veins. And I’d go a long way to see the very excellent Danes, Redwood Hill. And Italian band Sedna.

  56. UfoMammut, The Bug, Sly and family Drone, Neurosis, My Two Toms, oh yes Autechre! Gnod, Warm Digits, Pissed Jeans., Robedoor, Necrodeathmort, Richard Dawson, Shit and Shine, Pharaoh Overlord …… Thanks

  57. terminal cheesecake, black rain, cut hands, demdike stare, bong, boredoms, zombi, dwellings and druss,run dust, drunk in hell, sun ra arkestra, Gnod and khom jadoroskys dune show, acteurs, sex swing, Einstürzende Neubaute

  58. Is this still going? Okay then- Gnod. White Hills. Danaver. Boris. Earth. Electric Wizard. Uncle Acid. Horse Latitudes. Bismuth.

  59. Nihilist Spasm Band, Li Jianhong, A Band, Morphogenesis, Surgeon & Regis, Ellen Allien, BiS階段 if it’s still going

    BBBlood, Cementimental, New Blockaders/Nihilist Assault Group, John Wall, John Edwards & Steve Noble, Bo Ningen, Shellac (obviously), The Fall

  60. Nick Bannister /

    Jerusalem in my Heart, Baba Zula, Gabriel Salomon, Rhodri Davies, Demdike Stare, Glenn Branca, Owen Pallet, Jon Mueller, Yob, Vessel, Young Echo

  61. Pissed jeans, windhand, big business, melvins, youth man, karma to burn, brant bjork, conan

  62. Buggers Grips /

    Flamingods, Jackie O, Bad Guys, Bong, Ramleh, Terminal Cheesecake , Sunroof/ Skullflower, Electric Moon, Buggers Grips.

  63. Benjamin Bunny /

    Some neofolk/martial industrial wouldn’t go unappreciated, maybe some HNW and power electronics, some “uglier” black metal rather than the more ambient post-BM that you’ve presented before, as well as various vaporwave, tropical drone, field recording artists, dark ambient and vocal experimental music projects. I’m always impressed by the diversity present every Supersonic lineup, but those aforementioned things seem to somewhat overlooked in past festivals. But you probably want me to suggest to actual individuals and bands, so I’ll stop dilly-dallying and checklist some of my favourites, both old and new… (some of which might even defunct and/or split, just to be awkward)

    A Minor Forest – under appreciated math rock outfit from San Francisco
    Abbildungen Varieté – sinister 80’s ritual industrial from Slovenia
    Alkoholizer – riotous thrash metal band from Italy
    Апорєа (Aporea) – enigmatic christian 80’s ritual industrial from Macedonia
    Bog People – UK-82 worshipping punks from Oregon
    Co La – exotic and unpredictable electronica
    Cult of Youth – new wave of neofolk from New York
    Desperate Journalist – memorable North London jagged indie rock
    Dog In The Snow – alias of Brighton born musician Helan Ganya Brown
    Dying Out Flame – vedic death metal from Nepal
    Eevil Stöö – freakish balaclava rapper from Finland
    Evelyn Evelyn – fictional siamese twin persona of Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley
    Fluorescent Heights – Swedish tropical drone/ambient
    Force Publique Congo – brutal and utterly sounding power electronics
    Forza Albino – perverse power electronics outfit from Denmark
    The Future’s Dust – gorgeously sad Dutch indie/ambient outfit
    The Grey Wolves – iconic English power electronics outfit
    Grinning Death’s Head – primitive and nihilistic black metal from
    IRM – one of the sickest industrial acts to ever emerge from Sweden
    35007 (“loose”) – hugely underrated Dutch space rock
    マクロスMACROSS 82-99 – Mexican house inspired sailor moon obsessed vaporwave producer
    Mindflayer – one of Brian Chippendale’s best (and weirdest) outfits
    Nagamatzu – spooky 80’s synth punk band from Ipswich
    Niantiel – surreal yet raw USBM
    Normil Hawaiians – strange South London (I think) art/post punk
    N-Qia – melodic IDM/brain dance/ambient duo from Japan
    Plastic Girl In Closet – shoegazer/dream pop trio from Japan
    Quarta 330 – Hyperduib signed Japanese 8-bit dubstep producer
    Radstewart – lo-fi surf inflected garage band from Cardiff
    Rangers Not Trained By Elves Just Aren’t The Same – short lived ambient/found sound project from Tamworth
    Slava – some of the catchiest footwork/funky electronics of 2013
    Sleep Party People – rabbit mask wearing electronic miserabalists from Denmark
    Skrapyard – ebullient Oi!core from Chigago
    Spiritual Bats – audio-visual gothic/deathrock collective
    Summoning – atmospheric Tolkien inspired black metal
    Sump – raw black metal scumbag punk from Oregon
    Sunhiilow – psychedelic ambient/tropical drone producer from France
    Terrible Feelings – no nonsense garage rock from Sweden
    War Ripper – crust side project of Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust)
    Warm Brains – solo project of Test Icicles band member Rory Atwell

  64. H.U.M. (H/Uiutna/MW), Gnod, Autechre, Ordre Etern, Moon RA (in a church), Sculpture, Luminous Bods, Big Nats, Henry Collins & xxx *** tipexxx :-), Les concretistes qui restent : Eliane Radigue, Pierre Henry, Pierre Bastien…. Ludo Michielsen, Lash Frenzy……………..

  65. Lazarus Clamp who celebrate their 21st year of Post Punk, smallgang, Former Utopia, Joel RL Phelps & the Downer Trio, Zebra Hunt, Fire Harvest (Utrecht), Shellac.

  66. Black to Comm, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Noveller, Disappears, Helm, The Jimmy Cake, Le Révélateur, ARP, Siinai, Radian, Richard Skelton/The Inward Circles, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Cave, Nissenenmondai, Anyone on Ghost Box, M. Geddes Gengras, Jane Weaver, Brigid Power-Ryce, Sam McLoughlin, Tape, Mary Lattimore, Ital, Dead Rider, Golden Retriever. Cheers!