Sly & The Family Drone bring the party to you


Supersonic Festival isn’t just about the music happening on stage: With our Film Programme, Workshops, Market Place, Extracurricular Activity, TalksKids Gigs and the inauguration of Capsule Labs (set in motion this year with the presence of If Wet), Capsule has always curated it’s signature event with a mind to creating as exciting and as  memorable an overall experience  as possible for our audience.

So, poking fun at the idea of even playing on stage at all, we this year welcome Sly & The Family Drone to our main stage area. They won’t be using the stage, however, instead they’re opting to invade the floor space so expect to be well and truly immersed in their act! Come on down to the Main Stage at 8pm on Saturday May 31st to be part of Sly’s party.

In case you’re wondering why they like playing in the middle of the floor, here’s what they had to say when we put that very question to them:

“It’s always been that way for us, the first ever sly show I played was in the middle of the room at the West End Centre in Aldershot. I had tape loops and mess all around me, and some friends set up a scalectrix track surrounding me as I was playing. I like being close to the audience, there’s an immediate reaction and a physicality to our performance that you don’t get with a traditional stage/audience set up. I like being able to feel music, be it from movement from a crowd or from our speakers pushing some air.”

Sly and the Family Drone2

Still wondering what to expect? They went on to describe their sound as: ” Electronics and drums spray machine. BMX-ing along the non-existent line between military-state discipline and complete fucking abandon.”

We reckon you’d better just be there and find out for yourself! Have a great weekend everyone!

Sly & The Family Drone bandcamp