Nazoranai + Nicholas Bullen / CBSO Centre / 9th July



Tuesday 9th July
Nazorani (Keiji Haino + Stephen O’Malley + Oren Ambarchi)
Nicholas Bullen launching ‘Component Fixations’
at CBSO Centre, Birmingham

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“Advanced doom and psychedelic out-rock wiggery from three undisputed masters in their field: Keiji Haino, Stephen O’Malley and Oren Ambarchi…The Japanese icon is in tremendous form, shredding like a maniac, capable of coaxing both plummy riffage and abstract sheets of sound out of his axe, often at the same time; his vocals, meanwhile, veer from pseudo-religious incantation to feral squawks and growls. Almost needless to say, O’Malley and Ambarchi are the perfect accomplices, and depending on what Haino requires they supply delicate ambience, apocalyptic battery or loose-limbed rock ‘n roll swagger. For confirmed fans of any of the three principals this is obviously a buy-on-sight item, but we’d also recommend it to anyone looking to understand why Haino is so revered – the face-melting dervish of a show documented on this release will leave you in no doubt whatsoever.” Boomkat

Nicholas Bullen – Component Fixations

An artist and composer based in Birmingham. Working across a range of media (including sound, text, film, installation and performance), his work explores strategies for the transmutation of elements and systems of communication.

Beginning as a founder member of the ‘extreme’ music group Napalm Death at the age of 13, he has an over 30 year history of composition (releasing over 40 recordings) and live performance (both solo and collaboratively) . Recent sound performances focus on the use of environmental recordings as the basis of fixed media acousmatic composition alongside live improvisation and signal processing in real-time.

Nicholas will be launching his new record Component Fixations at this event, released on Type Records.

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