The Vinyl Rally Is Almost Up And Running!

Lucas Abela’s (AKA Justice Yeldham) Vinyl Rally has come on in leaps and bounds since yesterday; the track has been fully constructed (including an all-new underpass and multi-tiered section that Lucas has lovingly nick-named the “Wheel of Death”), the records have been fixed onto it and the remote controlled cars are ready and raring to go!

The Rally is gearing up to be something truly spectacular, and no visit to the festival this year will be complete without racing a few laps around this fully interactive installation. If you don’t believe us, just feast your eyes on the images below and try and contain your excitement!

The Vinyl Rally will be on show this weekend at Supersonic festival, and Justice Yeldham will perform on Sunday 21st October at 19:30.

Photos by Eduardo Pinto.


4 Responses to “The Vinyl Rally Is Almost Up And Running!”

  1. Looking forward to this. Its a welcome addition in a lineup deprived of any proper HNW acts like The Rita, Vomir, Werewolf Jerusalem, etc.